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Professional Carpet Cleaning

The service includes inspection of the carpet and the origin of the stains. After this treating with special detergents according the fibre, which is non toxic and biodegradable, 100% safe for your kids. Them he will use our top notch hot water extraction machine to shampoo the carpet and extract almost 100% of the moisture and with that all the dirt will come out.

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Sofa and Upholstery

Upholstered furniture collect tons of dead skin flakes, dust and body liquids, which are normally harmless, but can cause different diseases. Our professionalises suggest washing and sanitizing occasionally, one or two times a year. They could use the most efficient and the most suitable techniques to clean your upholstery.

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Mattress Cleaning

All experts say that the good sleep is the most important part of your twenty- four hours. That is why it is important to create bacteria free environment for your family, by cleaning your mattresses. Our method is very powerful and will remove all the filthiness from them and disinfect them. Create nice and bacteria free environment for you and your family!

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If you are looking for professional company to help you with maintaining your home or office, you are looking at the right internet page! Carpet Cleaning Maida Vale has long history and impressive achievements in the cleaning industry. We are one of the main leaders on the market and we offer various cleaning services.

We are very flexible, as we have expanded, thanks to your positive feedback and reviews. We work seven days a  week, Monday to Sunday, even on holidays for no additional charge on top.  We have available local teams all over London and Greater London.

Contact us to see what is our availability in your area.

Carpet Cleaning Maida Vale we value our customers and their feedback, that is why we organise many market researches and customer surveys. Our company have built up strong working ethic and professional manners, as well as durable and steady customer – company relation.

Our employees are ambitious, friendly and highly motivated. The sale representatives posses strong work principles and professional presence, they provide great customer assistance and listen each customer with patience and attention. The communication will be clear and there will be positive final result. Our cleaners are fully trained and experienced, they are trustworthy and reliable, all of them are fully vetted and police checked fro your piece of mind. All of our staff members have been gone trough many different work related trainings and seminars for improving their skill and developing new work techniques.

As a leader on the market we keep our costs competitive and reasonable, within the means of every budget.  We offer free quotes based on your needs and requirements for very affordable price.

We do not compromise with the high quality of our services and we buy only the newest and the most powerful equipment and tools. Our machinery is brand new and top of the line, the cleaning liquids that we use are 100% ecologically safe and harmless for our families and pets. Do not waste any more time, call us now and ask for our latest deals!

Apart from our top 3 featured services on top of the page we can offer:

  • Curtains Cleaning – Forget about painful heavy curtain unhanging and hanging! Now our evolutionary equipment can reach your curtains and clean all the dust and stains from them. Refresh them easily by booking a professional service with one of our technicians, who will use the most suitable and safetiest method to wash the.
  • High pressure washing – You have  proper drainage and we have powerful and bran new equipment! Those are the most important conditions we need to prove you that we are the best in high pressure washing. Our method is suitable for cleaning of any  driveway, patio, side walks or decking. Call us now and see what is needed to book a  service with us!
  • Gutter cleaning – We clean gutters which are obstructed by tree leaves or other dirtiness. We can reach up to second floor, which our modern equipment which has a  camera in the end so you can see the before and after condition. You can supervise the work of our operatives. We offer you high quality service at very affordable price.
  • Windows cleaning –  Do not risk your safety, we have all the needed equipment to provide professional windows cleaning for you. Our technicians are highly trained and will use proper tools to achieve great results. We can reach up to third floor and clean all type windows by our extension pool. You can combine it with internal windows cleaning. Call us for more information.

    A happy customer makes us happy

    At Carpet Cleaning Maida Vale we take great pride in the fact that we always manage to live up to our clients’ expectations and requirements. This is clearly demonstrated in the outstanding client reviews which we receive on a regular basis from the people who have opted for our assistance. Our sanitation services are praised for their efficiency, eco-friendliness and the competitive prices that they come on, among other things. We uphold to very strict standards and are always ready to go an extra mile in order to accommodate you at best.

    Always ready to answer your call

    It is easy to sign up for a carpet cleaning in Maida Vale and the rest of our services. We maintain a customer support that is ready to answer your questions at any time they arise, via phone and through the intuitive easy to use online contact form to be found on this website.

    Customisable services for your comfort and satisfaction

    The best part is that thanks to the very flexible schedule that we operate on, we are the swift and certified cleaners in Maida Vale that you can count on even in case of an emergency. For your comfort and peace of mind we have arranged things in such a manner that last minute reservations are not a problem for us. Want to book your carpet sanitation for a weekend day or a bank holiday? Do not think twice about getting in touch with us. An individual plan for your project is going to be tailored in accordance to your specific requirements, including the scheduling, but also other details related to the job. Tell us right here and now what you need and just let us take care of it the way we always do.